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 Hydrocarbon Pump Shed Protection

Grishma’s – Hot Hydrocarbon Pump Shed Protection is fully automatic detection cum extinguishing system. The system is designed and manufactured for extremely fast detection and extinction of any type of Hydrocarbon Pump Shed fires as per the International Safety Standards.

Linear heat detectors are based on the physical principle that volume and pressure of a gas changes whenever its temperature changes. The detectors senses rate of rise of temperature and maximum fixed temperature in terms of pressure and trigger an alarm by combine signals of both parameters. The change in pressure is instantly registered by microprocessor electronic pressure sensor connected to the extremity of the tube. A Stainless Steel / Copper sensor tube is laid along the circumference of the Pump Shed and monitors surrounding temperature over a distance of approx. 100 m. Baby fire is detected within few seconds, which trigger an alarm and actuates the extinguishing system. The foam module charged with pre-mixed foam solution can discharge foam within few seconds of detecting fire.

The foam module is charged with pre-mixed foam solution as per the International Safety Standards Foam Discharge Manifold with Spray Nozzles are evenly spaced along the Rim Seal and are designed to discharge required Foam solution to control the fire completely.

To keep out any type of faulty measurements, an inbuilt test motor is provided in the evaluation unit, which checks the healthiness of the sensor tube at regular intervals. If the pressure rise actually measured does not correspond to the programmed measured value, a malfunction indication is displayed. The system is user-friendly, immune to electrical, thermal and mechanical interference.

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