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 3D Haz-chem Multipurpose ( 3 in 1 ) Monitors

Grishma's innovative 3D-Haz-Chem Multipurpose (3 in 1) Monitor is specifically designed with a need to combat fires, which cannot be controlled by water or foam only. This kind of monitor is specifically used for hazardous toxic chemical fire / Gas clouds.

The 3 D-Haz-Chem Multipurpose (3 in 1) Monitor can handle a Discharge of Water, Foam, DCP & Fog through a single nozzle. The desired extinguishing medium can be selected depending upon the type of fire to be extinguished. All these extinguishing agents can be discharged through a single nozzle either individually or in combinations as per the situation. The Fog & the DCP can be operated together

These monitors are available in capacities of 1000 and 6000 US GPM. The monitors have an excellent horizontal & vertical throw. The change over from jet to fog spray can be very quick with spray angles as wide as 160º for dispersion or dilution of toxic hazardous gas cloud. The DCP can be discharged from the central nozzle when the fog is on. The DCP can be discharged independently as per the requirement.

These monitors are available on Stand post, Skid, Trolley, Trailer and Truck mounted versions.

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