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Keeping up with times, Grishma has introduced Remote Controlled Monitors (RCM). These High Volume Long Range Monitors operate electrically & can be controlled from a safe distance by using a simple operating console. A Fire Fighter can be stationed in a control cabin that can be located 200 – 300 mtrs away from the monitor. A Fire Fighters life is risk free, even while fighting a very large magnitude fire.

The monitors are equipped with non-aspirating type nozzles designed to throw water or foam as per the requirement from a safe distance of 200 – 300 mtrs.

These monitors can be erected on a structural platform at a desired height at strategic places where there is a potential hazard of fire.

The Remote Controlled Monitors (RCM) are available in capacities ranging from 1000 to 10000 US GPM. The monitors have a excellent horizontal and vertical throw making them effective against fires of any kind.

Grishma's Remote Controlled Monitors are ideally suited for fighting fires of storage tanks, columns, process towers, jetties, etc. effectively & safely. The monitor can rotate 340° horizontally and 120° vertically. The monitor produces various discharge patterns from jet to semi fog and fog. The conversion from a jet pattern to fog pattern takes place in less than 30 seconds and the fog curtain is as wide as 160°.

The Remote Controlled Monitors have integrated safety through self-arresting gearing units that lock the monitor in all rotational movements thus preventing any chance of uncontrolled movements.

The monitors come along with a standby battery pack with a 48hr life in standby condition and 2 hrs in operative condition. Also to meet the safety standards the monitors have a provision to be manually operated in case of an electric or battery failure.

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