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 World’s first higher capacity UL listed Fire Foam Monitors
Grishma brings you the World’s First Higher Capacity UL listed Fire Foam Monitors to control & combat large industrial fires….with confidence.

Rigorously tested & certified by Underwriter’s Laboratories, USA, our UL listed Fire Foam Monitors will render themselves almost indispensable at a tank farm, refinery or an oil well, processing platform, cargo jetty, process areas, rail gantry or tanker filling stations or a distribution terminal. Higher discharge, longer throw, easy maneuverability and operative ease make these monitors effective in combating and controlling of large fires, rapidly and safety.

Our elegantly designed Monitor gives high volume of output and long throw at the normal working pressure of 7 bars at nozzle. Its extra ordinary fluid dynamic characteristic design helps to combat infernos from a safe distance with least efforts.

With our UL listed Fire Foam Monitors in capacities ranging from 500 to 2000 US GPM and non-UL upto 8000 US GPM. You can control even the worst infernos with total confidence.

Greater flexibility and accurate proportioning in conjunction with jet ratio controller pump (JRCP) allows foam concentrate to be fed from a safe distance. Monitors are equally effective with AFFF, ARF and other foams.

They are easy to maneuver in horizontal and vertical planes. You can change over quickly from jet to fog spray with spray angles as wide as 160º for dispersion or dilution of toxic hazardous gas cloud.

These monitors are available in Stand Post, Platform, Trolley, Trailer, Skid and Truck mounted versions.

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